For most people, kayaking is a peaceful, relaxing and enjoyable water activity. Even before you get into the water, there’s the joy of getting all your kayak accessories together; the anticipation as you put on your life vest and feel that first push into the water. Then there’s the sensation of the cool wind on your face, the sun shining above you, and the calm waters rippling gently as you glide across it…

Yep, kayaking definitely soothes the nerves.

That is, until a giant whale suddenly bursts out of the water beneath you!

Such was the experience of several kayakers in different locations and occasions, which were documented on YouTube.

In two separate occasions, unsuspecting kayakers got the surprise of their lives as extremely large whales suddenly appeared in their midst, bringing on a mixture of fear and excitement.

In the first incident, the two persons appear to have started kayak whale watching when one of the whales suddenly turns and heads straight towards them. Within seconds, their whale watching kayak is lifted from the water by the whale’s huge head, and the riders are left helplessly balancing on top of the creature!

In the other footage, several people start kayak whale watching when one of the whales gets a little too close, diving into the water and almost hitting the kayaker in the face with its tail!

Fortunately in both events, no one got hurt.

But these two incidents aren’t the only ones. Several others like them have been recorded, and as exciting as these experiences may be, many experts agree that whale watching in kayaks can be very dangerous. Although they are dubbed ‘gentle giants’, whales can still be very dangerous at close range because of their enormous size.

If there’s anything that we can learn from these incidents, it’s to never underestimate the power of nature and always stay on the safe side. Whether you’re on a kayak, a surfboard or an inflatable boat in Australia , make sure not to get too close to any enormous sea creatures. If you see one coming toward you, try to move out of its way to prevent any untoward incidents. Keep the fun going while you’re in the water by always putting safety first.

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