Stand-up paddle boarding is one of the world's fastest growing watersports, and it's understandable that surfers have been a little troubled by the competition. Across the globe, crowded breaks see watersports fanatics vying for space. But, the tides are changing, and more surfers are combining their love of traditional surfing with the fitness benefits of stand-up paddle boarding. 

Superior cross-training

First started by the Hawaiians, stand-up paddle boarding, or SUP boarding, is becoming increasingly popular for surfers as a cross-training exercise that amps up fitness levels in a short amount of time. It provides an incredible core workout while increasing balance and strength. 

Catch longer rides

If you've been surfing for a long time, becoming a SUP surfer means you get to try a much longer, wider and more buoyant board, which allows you to balance comfortably and propel yourself further, using the paddle. You can catch longer rides, still get on the water when it's flat, and practice the sport when minor injuries prevent you from surfing traditionally. 

Surf all waves

There's no reason to miss out on the big waves either, as SUP surfers in Hawaii and across the world have demonstrated. It's also possible to use a SUP board when the waves are small or messy, as the length of the board picks up waves earlier and it's easier to stay on once caught. 

Never spend a day without a water fix

For pure relaxation, fitness or exploration reasons, or if you're in a land-locked town, watersports lovers can cruise through lakes, estuaries and harbours. This is perfect for surfers who can't live a day without their water fix, as you can go out in practically any weather conditions you're willing to contend with.  

Experience sea creatures

Surfers who love getting up close and personal with sea creatures find that SUP boarding offers a whole new vantage point from traditional surfing. The added ability to balance means better vantage points when in the company of pods of dolphins and colourful schools of fish. 

A new look on travel

Surfing adventures overseas take on a whole new aspect when you're a SUP boarder. You can circle tropical islands to discover reefs teeming with marine life, cruise through bird-filled mangroves, cut through glassy lakes in cold regions and take in the forest scenery in rivers around the world. SUP boarding provides a whole new perspective and fitness regimen for surfers. Why not give it a go? Check out our store for all your boarding and kayak accessories.