Can’t decide if you’re going kayaking or fishing? Why not combine the two?

With the right kayak accessories and fishing equipment, these two combined can be a great water sports activity you’ll surely enjoy.

Take note of these top gears and gadgets that will make the activity much more convenient and enjoyable.

 1.       Live Bait Tank

What’s fishing without live bait? To have a really good time fishing, you need to have enough bait to lure in the best catch. With a kayak, you may think that this will be difficult to have on board. But with a live bait tank it won’t be. This will fit nicely in the spot where you’d normally place a 5 gallon bucket.

2.       Bait Board

This would be a great addition to your kayak. This multi-purpose workstation is the perfect place to keep your knives and cut bait to prep them to lure in your catch.

3.       Rod Holder

When you’re kayak fishing, you’ll be alternating between your paddle and your fishing rod. So it would be good to have a rod holder to secure your rod to your kayak. Make sure you don’t forget the paddle holder so you can have your hands free when you’re working the fishing rod.

4.       Kayak Seat

Fishing may take you hours. Unlike on a boat where you can stand up and stretch, you’re just confined to your seat on a kayak. To remain comfortable after a long time of waiting for a good catch, get yourself a kayak seat you can sit on for hours. Some of these seats are designed to help manage body fatigue. Get yourself one of these to enjoy your kayak fishing excursion.

5.       Rudder Kit

You’ll need a rudder kit in your water adventure to help you track and manage difficult outdoor conditions. Using a hand or foot pedal, depending on the type, you can keep the kayak on its course. This would be a great help when you’re busy trying to catch some fish.

6.       Nav Light

Even if you go out kayak fishing during the day, you may enjoy the activity too much and miss the time only to realise the sun has set and darkness has engulfed you. This should be no problem with a nav light. This is a  great source of light for you. The great thing about it is if it’s thrown out on the water, it will always float the right way up. This way, you’ll always be given the illumination that you need.

Kayaking and fishing are two water activities that you can enjoy doing at the same time. As long as you have the right accessories with you, this will be an adventure that you’ll love to do over and over again.

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