Boats were first created for transportation purposes, and later used for fishing. But through time, they have greatly evolved not just in size, shape and material, but also in usage. With the latest developments in design and technology, these water vessels are now used for many different recreational purposes.

At present, inflatable boats are one of the most widely utilised varieties because of their many fine qualities. Rigid inflatable boats or RIB – the most advanced version of inflatable boats – are particularly noteworthy because of their versatility and durability, and are becoming quite popular in various water activities.

Below are some of the most notable applications of these water crafts.

1. Scuba diving

Most diving sites can’t be reached by simply swimming from the shore. In these cases, divers would need to be transported to the site. Inflatable boats prove to be useful for this application as they can easily be transported and launched into the preferred diving site. They’re not too big and bulky, yet still have enough space to carry a few divers and their equipment.

2. Ship to shore transportation

It is not always advisable to tie up larger ships at a dock due to lowering tides. For this reason, inflatable boats are often used as a supporting vehicle to transport people or equipment from the ship to the shore. Smaller water vessels are commonly used by some cruise ships as tenders. In the military, these crafts are used to deploy troops during beach landings.

3. Cruising/Sailing

A lot of people today generally use inflatable boats for leisure. There are some who just want to have a joyride on the water during vacations or holidays. Since these water crafts are typically smaller, these are recommended for simple water activities. For vacationers, these vessels are convenient to bring or use as they can be easily deflated and packed after use.

4. Rescue/Life-saving Equipment

Large ships are usually required to have a number of lifeboats for emergency situations. The inflatable types are advantageous to use for this application because of their speed, durability and excellent manoeuvrability. Using these vessels, rescuers can quickly reach a person in distress.

5. Water sports

There are many kinds of water sports nowadays wherein inflatable boats are widely used. They are beneficial to use in these activities because of their weight, portability and wide range of designs that are suited for various applications. Some of the most popular water sports include kayaking, whitewater rafting, canoeing, water skiing and racing. In kayaking, paddlers can choose from various types of kayaks including sit-in, sit-on-top, tandem kayak and ocean kayak .

It’s quite easy to see that there is a great need for these marine vessels. Conditions in the open waters can change from time to time, and these durable water crafts are built to adapt to these changes and ensure safe and smooth transportation.

When choosing one of these water equipment, it is very important to consider its intended purpose and the kind of environment it will be used in. Users should also find a reliable dealer that can assure the quality of the equipment.