With the New Year getting ever so close, the time has come for us to reflect on all the areas in our lives where we could use some improvement. For anglers everywhere, that definitely includes thinking about how to improve your catch rate!

Fishing is one of those activities that you can get better at through a number of improvements, be it in techniques and tools. Nowadays, betterment comes in the form of apps. Anglers now need more than just their usual bag of tricks to up their game, they need to be tech-savvy and utilise innovative apps to see improvements in their catch rate.

So without further ado, here is our list of apps that are sure to help you reel in your biggest and best catch yet:

Fishing Apps

Fishbrain (Android, iOS: free)

The largest community-based fishing app in the world, Fishbrain gives you access to catches and reports from millions of other anglers all over the world. Once logged in, you can check out a crowdsourced database of over 1.7 million fishing locations. This wealth of information is what the app uses to recommend the best fishing times, spots and the most effective live-bait set ups for each location.

The app is also a great place to share your own experiences, log your catches and see statistics reports on your historical performance. You could also get in touch with anglers worldwide and share tips and tricks.

FishTrack (Android, iOS: free)

Made for saltwater anglers, FishTrack is an amazing little app that shows you sea surface temperature charts, satellite imagery, chlorophyll, bathymetry, currents, marine weather forecasts and more! It shows a wealth of information in one layered map for easy reference when you’re out on the water. This app comes for free, but like most of these apps you’ll need to pay for premium features.

Navionics (Android, iOS: Free)

If you’re looking for a really solid and reliable fishing app you’ll get none better than Navionics. A long-time leader in marine charts, the Navionics app gives you access to their comprehensive library of charts and bathymetric maps. Detailed data overlays, sonar charts, auto-routing and other handy navigational tools also come with the app, as well as auto-updated weather and tides data. It’s a great option for anglers without GPS capabilities on their inflatable boats in Sydney, as the app can be accessed just about anywhere and works like a GPS.

Willyweather or Seabreeze Weather App (Android, iOS: Free)

So much of your fishing success can rely on the weather. Thankfully with weather apps like Willyweather or Seabreeze you can always get up-to-date weather information including winds, swell, tides and temperatures. Both of these apps use the Bureau of Meteorology's data so you can be assured of their accuracy and reliability.

Movtan Fishing (Android, iOS: free)

A social media and fishing app rolled into one, Movtan lets you save your favourite fishing spots, find other terrific fishing spots, plan fishing trips with an innovative calendar feature and more. And of course, it lets you get in touch with your local fishing buddies and other users all around the world.

Know of any other great fishing apps? Tell us in the comments section below. And if you’re on the lookout for quality inflatable boats for sale in Sydney for your next fishing trip, make sure you take a look at our great range here at Waves Overseas!