It’s nice to go out and enjoy a day of kayaking- with nothing but the sun and the breeze to keep you company as you glide through the water. But before you grab that kayak you just bought from your online kayak store and head to the nearest beach, it’s important to check outdoor conditions first. Immediately stepping out of your door and jumping into your kayak is not a good idea.

Safety is of the utmost importance when going kayaking, and to ensure that you are safe during your water adventure you need to know if certain outdoor conditions are good.

Here are the three factors you need to consider.

1.       Wind

This is the most important thing to look out for. If the wind is too strong this might cause a lot of problems; one of which is difficulty coursing through your chosen direction or path. The commonly suggested ideal wind speed or knots is from 10 to 15. But it really depends on your level of skills. If you are an expert kayaker, you can go beyond this number. Just make sure that you have someone with you who’s also an expert traversing the waters in a kayak.

2.       Waves

The waves are the second most important thing you should check before paddling out into the waters. One to two foot waves are okay for beginners while more experienced ones can handle 3 to 6 foot waves. You may think that a 3 foot wave is just a small wave that you can certainly handle, but remember that when you’re on a kayak, even when you’re on inflatable boats in Sydney , you will come very close to a wave and this can be overwhelming.

3.       Current

Don’t just rely on what you see above the water, also check what’s below it. You should be wary of the latest tidal currents in the area. If you are not aware of the known currents, be sure to find out about these.

Check these factors to ensure you are off to a smooth adventure under perfect outdoor conditions. After buying your equipment and kayak accessories online , familiarise yourself with these factors and always use this as your guide when out kayaking.