Kayaking is an increasingly popular boating activity in Australia. Some people do it for sports and fitness, while some simply want to have fun and enjoy time on the water. Anybody seeking some adventure or looking forward to learn something new can truly enjoy this water activity.

To maximise your experience though, you need to get the right type of kayak for you. Given so many options, it can be quite confusing to choose one especially if you’re buying for the first time. Here are some questions you need to ask before getting your water equipment.

1.      Who will be using the boat?

When buying a kayak, the first thing you need to consider is the user. Inexperienced paddlers, for instance, will require a more stable boat. Recreational kayaks are stable and user friendly, making them suitable for beginners and casual paddlers who just want to play in the water. A tandem kayak is a great choice if you want to paddle with a partner. This option is also great for kids if you’re introducing them to the sport.

2.      Where are you planning to paddle?

There are many different types of kayaks today; some of which are intended for specific environments. Some types are more suited for paddling in open waters while some are designed for lakes and ponds. For moving bodies of water like rivers, the whitewater types are recommended. The touring types are excellent for inland waters and protected coastal areas.

3.      What design is best to use?

The design and construction of the equipment can greatly affect its stability and manoeuvrability. Its hull shape is one factor that can determine how the equipment will handle on the water. When choosing a design, you should also consider your paddling skills. You can get helpful information from boat reviews to find out which design is most suited for you.

4.      What type of material is it made of?

It is also important to consider the equipment’s material as this can affect its weight and durability. A very popular material used today is polyethylene, which is inexpensive and known for its resistance to abrasion and impact. Other commonly used materials include vinyl, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and fiberglass. In this case, you may also want to take into account the amount of weight that you and your partner can lift.

5.      How will you keep yourself comfortable out in the water?

Comfort is another factor that must be given consideration. Long hours of paddling and sitting on the boat can take its toll on your body. To ensure your comfort, you’ll need an equipment with an effective back support or you can purchase kayak accessories such as comfort seats. If you’re getting a tandem kayak, you must also consider your partner’s comfort needs.

6.      How will you store and transport the equipment?

Hard shell kayaks are quite bulky to transport, which is a concern for most paddlers who still need to travel to get to the water. You may need a car rack to transport the equipment conveniently. Storage is also a concern for hard shell types. If transporting hard shells is difficult for you, you can opt to purchase the inflatable or foldable types which are much easier to transport and store after use.


Before buying any water equipment, it is best to do a bit of research first. Take time to read some reviews to get helpful information. You can find plenty of resources nowadays that can give you the information you need to come up with a good buying decision.

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