It’s the question that many an angler and hunter has faced: should I get a centre or side console?

When it comes to aluminium boat consoles, it can be understandably confusing which type to get. Both types have their advantages, but as with selecting most other boat features, selecting one really depends on what your preferences are. To help you with your choice, here’s a breakdown of what we know.

Side Consoles

Side console aluminium boats are built the way they are due to the torque of the motor's clockwise rotation. The weight of the pilot helps keep the starboard side down during a quick acceleration, which is something they’re built for.

Side consoles are beneficial when you’re often going at high speeds. The positioning of the console plus the windshield offer greater comfort and ease while minimising wind resistance when cruising at high speeds. This type of console is also positioned out of the way, giving you more room especially on a smaller boat.

Another thing that side console boats generally have more of is storage space. If you tend to bring a lot of gear with you, a side console may just be your best choice. Because they are positioned quite low, they can be good for keeping a low profile and are conveniently out of the way when duck hunting. They can help you get into tight spaces and even under low bridges. On the flip side however, they can be unforgiving to those with knee and back problems, as the seat will require you to keep getting up and down.

If it’s only a small boat you need (around 5 metres or less) and you’re usually just on the water by yourself, a good side console will do nicely.

Centre Consoles

Most anglers prefer the centre console as it offers more visibility. You can look over the bow and around all sides of the boat, spot obstructions, spot birds and fish even while running, and see fish in shallow waters. Some anglers claim that a centre console gives you better balance, especially on a light aluminium boat. It also gives you the freedom to sit high up or stand, which helps you absorb shock and adjust to sudden movements a lot better.

While the console may be positioned a bit in the way of everything, on bigger boats there’s plenty of space to go around it. If you have passengers they can move a lot more freely around a centre console, given that the boat is wide enough.

If you’re using the boat for multi-species, all-around fishing and prefer bigger boats, a centre console is most likely your best option.

Whether you prefer a side or centre console, make sure you check out our options at Waves Overseas. We offer a high quality range of both side and centre console aluminium boats. Take a look at our range today!