Why buy a rigid hull inflatable boat? You may have been asking yourself this question, and it’s a reasonable one considering there are many other types of boats that you could choose. In the past, rigid hull inflatable boats or RIBs also had some quality issues which discouraged people from buying them.

But times have changed and thanks to modern materials and technologies, RIBs have improved significantly and have even become the preferred watercraft for many in the marine industry. With their quality issues now eliminated and replaced with higher quality standards and superior materials, these boats have proven to offer several unique benefits:

Reduced Weight

From the get-go RIBs have had this advantage thanks to their lighter, inflatable build. Reduced weight means they are easier to launch and retrieve, and often require less engine power to move them along. Higher buoyancy also means that these boats can take on heavier loads compared to many other watercraft.

Movement and Manoeuverabilty

RIBs move very well in different types of water. They are responsive to changes in motion and direction be it in rivers and lagoons or out on the open sea.

Because of their low centre of gravity, solid floors and tubular structure, RIBs offer great stability and a smoother, more comfortable ride for passengers. Their inflated sides often act as a shock absorber, shielding passengers from harsh movements. The hull structure allows it to cut through water easily and smoothly, even in rough conditions. RIBs with a ‘Deep V’ hull design and particularly those with hulls that flatten at the rear make the ideal watercraft for hydroplaning.


RIBs can be used for a variety of applications. They can be used for adventurous leisure boating, fishing and diving; and are also used for commercial purposes as tenders, sea rescue boats and lifeboats.


It’s very difficult to capsize a RIB. They can stay afloat even when the hull is flooded, thanks largely to their inflatable collars. This is also the reason they’re almost totally resistant to low-impact collisions. And if you’re worried these collars might get punctured-- don’t. They are made of highly durable materials and in the unlikely event that they do get punctured, there’s little danger of sinking since these tubes have separate chambers. These tubes are also equipped with pressure release valves so there’s never a threat of them rupturing from having too much air pressure.


Today’s RIBs open up a number of different options. Their strong hull structure and solid transom allows you to opt for more powerful motors. There are also bigger RIBs with wheelhouses and cabins where you can choose to keep equipment or provide rest areas for the crew.

With their enhanced durability, stability, versatility, and portability, it’s no longer hard to see why rigid hull inflatable boats are a great choice of watercraft. Purchase your very own RIB at Waves Overseas today. Take a look at our selection of rigid hull inflatable boats now or call 02 9745 5555 for expert advice and assistance in choosing the perfect boat for your needs.