If you’re up for some great saltwater fishing, you’re going to love what Australia has to offer.

Australia is legendary when it comes to saltwater fishing. Its enormous coastline features a diverse blend of cool and tropical waters that teem with a glorious array of fish, including gorgeous kingfish, marlin, tuna and of course, the much-prized barramundi. It is arguably one of the best saltwater fishing destinations in all the world, especially in terms of the variety of fish species on offer.

With such a wide array of magnificent saltwater fishing spots all over the country, where do you even begin? Here are our top picks:


1. Gippsland, Victoria

When it comes to diversity in habitat, species and even fishing techniques you can use, it’s tough to beat Gippsland. A few hours’ drive from Melbourne, this region features a myriad of coastal lakes, rivers, and a long stretch of beach, aptly named the Ninety Mile Beach. Here you can fish for Australian salmon, snapper, bream, whiting, trevally and flathead, particularly in Mallacoota and Tamboon. Fly fishing, prawning and crabbing are also popular in the area. The region’s mild climate make it ideal for fishing throughout most of the year.


2. Hervey Bay, Queensland

A few hours’ drive north of Brisbane is Hervey Bay, a fantastic fishing spot offering a diverse species of gamefish. Along with the neighbouring Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island, these calm, nutrient-rich waters are home to a multitude of fish including beautiful golden trevally, tuna, sailfish, marlin, whiting, bream, flathead and snapper.


3. Port Lincoln, South Australia

Port Lincoln has a solid reputation when it comes to fishing, and is even considered the seafood capital of Australia. A 50-minute flight from Adelaide, this town is located right along the lower Eyre Peninsula, a fertile fishing ground for snapper, snook, salmon, whiting, garfish and squid. In the warmer months, you’ll also catch a lot of bluefin tuna and kingfish. Inflatable boats with motors can be used at the Port Lincoln or Tumby Bay marinas, and there are a number of boat ramps around the area as well. Be careful and check local conditions before heading out though, as the ocean here can be rough.


4. Arnhem Land, Northern Territory

Arnhem Land is the traditional home of the Yolngu people and as such a special permit is required to enter the land. But getting that permit is well worth the effort, as the restrictions on the area has allowed it to retain its blissfully remote landscape, and limited fishing pressure. Lucky anglers who are able to fish in its waters can expect tuna, golden snapper, Spanish mackerel and plenty more, as well as the best barramundi fishing along its coastal creeks and rivers.


5. Cape York, Queensland

For thrill and adventure seekers, Cape York may be the best spot for fishing. Accessible only by 4WD, this place offers anglers a true fishing adventure. Anglers can explore a multitude of tidal estuaries, lagoons, rivers and of course, pristine beaches and uninhabited islands. Here they’ll have to grapple with barramundi, queenfish, tuna, trevally, king salmon, mangrove jack and more. They’ll also have to watch out for dangerous saltwater crocs.


6. Exmouth, Western Australia

Located right at the border of World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef, Exmouth is an angler’s treasure trove. Here you’ll find a dazzling variety of fish, including milkfish, bonefish, tuna, blue bone, cobia, trevally, mahi mahi and so much more. It is here where you’ll also find all six Australian billfish species: black, blue, and striped marlin; sailfish; broadbill swordfish; and shortbill spearfish. 


7. St. Helens, Tasmania

Tasmania is a treat for freshwater anglers, but it has something for salties as well. At St. Helens on the east coast anglers can expect Austalian salmon, bream, snapper, whiting and garfish, with more challenging striped marlin, tuna and mako sharks in deeper waters.


8. Great Barrier Reef, Queensland

Of course we can’t forget the home of countless species of fish, the Great Barrier Reef. While there are certain areas here where fishing is prohibited, some are available for recreational anglers and offer a slew of great catches. Dogtooth tuna, yellowfin tuna, giant trevally, mackerel and billfish are just some of the treasures you’ll find in these waters.


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