Because of its movability features, inflatable kayaks are getting more attention when it comes to water crafts and boating activities in Australia. They are easy to store, lightweight, and portable that kayaking is possible to do any time. With its increasing popularity, there can be a number of kayaks for sale.

Planning to purchase inflatable kayaks in Australia? Or have you recently purchased a new one? Inflatable kayaks come in different models and designs, and you may need to invest in additional features. You can always check kayak accessories and other watercrafts online, such as inflatable boats, SUPs, canoes, and many others.

But just as you’re excited to test your new toy, you’ll need to get used to inflating it. It can be an easy task. Here how to quickly and easily inflate your new inflatable kayak.

Firstly, know the kind of pump to use.

At the very basic you need to choose from either a foot pump, a hand pump, or an electric pump. It’s best you check the kind of valve of the inflatable kayak. The Sevylor Colorado Inflatable Kayak and other kayaks of the Sevylor series often use Boston valves for quick inflation. So, you can either use a foot pump or a hand pump. But most hand pumps and foot pumps are compatible with different types of valves. Though it’s also great to use electric pumps, they can be costly. The Gumotex Colorado 450 White Water Raft recommends using a 12v electric inflatable pump or the hand stirrup pump which is an additional kayak accessory.

It’s time to inflate!

  1. Unfold and lay your inflatable kayak. Be sure you have an open space, good enough to lay the inflatable kayak flat on the floor, and away from sharp objects.
  2. Proper inflation starts with the floor chamber, bottom part. Open the valve cap and insert the pump.
  3. Pump the floor chamber fully.
  4. Go to the wall chambers, at the sides. And pump each side partially. Air pressure should be up to a maximum of 70 percent only.
  5. Check the floor chamber that it stays at the center.
  6. Go for full inflation to the wall chambers.
  7. Close the air valves. Remember to double-check on this part as it might cause air to leak.
  8. If your kayak has seats to inflate, like the Sportek SK320, which is the cheapest at Waves Ocean, inflate the seat last.

You may find inflating the kayak complicated at first, but after a few tries, inflation will become easy. In less than 10 minutes, inflating your kayak becomes second nature.