The sun is out, the skies are clear and the water is great. Pleasant days like this often bring you to the beach for some fun outdoor activities, and what could be more fun than kayaking under the sun?

Kayaking has become increasingly popular in the recent past. It’s a fun form of exercise and entertainment that can be enjoyed solo, by a couple (tandem kayak ) or even three people (tri yak). Nowadays, this activity isn’t just for water sports enthusiasts, it’s also for families and tourists on vacation. If you’re looking for adventure and have some time to spare, you should definitely try this out.

But before you grab a paddle and head in to the water, it’s good to familiarise yourself with the most popular types of kayaks used today:

1.       Touring

These types are designed for travel on open water and can accommodate up to three paddlers. Their body is long which allows them to glide easily on the water in a straight line. These boats are designed to be comfortable to enable paddlers to use them for longer periods. These are often recommended for beginners since they are versatile and have more room for storage compared to the recreational types.

2.       Recreational

As the name suggests, these kayaks are designed for paddlers who simply want to have fun on the water. Some also use these for photography projects. These boats are typically seen on safe bodies of water such as lakes, protected salt water areas and flat water streams that are away from strong waves. They take up a huge percentage of the market and can be rented at local parks or lake homes. Paddlers don’t necessarily have to be experienced to manoeuvre these boats.

3.       Fishing

The fishing types are specifically designed for anglers who have particular needs and often bring lots of gear. These usually have built in extras like rod holders, deck rigging, fish finders, GPS and other essential fishing gear. Since fishing involves a lot of side to side movements, these boats have a more stable design and are lightweight. They can be built for a single person or a tandem.

4.       Racing

These kayaks are built for sporting activities that usually involve extreme conditions. Boats that are intended for white water racing are designed to be stiffer with a harder skin to allow them to move faster on the water while being resistant to scratches. Meanwhile, those that are used for flat water racing are made of lightweight composites. The racing types require skill to remain stable and therefore can only be paddled by experienced racers.

5.       Sit-on-top

Sit-on-top types are made for leisure and are perfect for those who just want to go cruising on the water or SCUBA diving. Compared to the sit-in types, these have a higher centre of gravity since their seats are slightly above water level. These are perhaps one of the most popular types as they can be built for various purposes including fishing and surfing. Additionally, they have excellent stability and don’t easily sink since they don’t have enclosed cockpits that can be swamped with water. When they flip over, they can be flipped right back up. Anyone can paddle these boats, even kids.

6.       Inflatable

Inflatable kayaks are known for their portability which is their most appealing feature. These are inflated using hand or electric pumps and can be deflated when not in use. They can be folded or rolled for convenient storage especially when travelling far distances to get to the beach or lake. Although they are only inflated with air, they have sophisticated designs and are highly engineered to make sure they are sturdy, durable and seaworthy.

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