Have you ever walked on water?

This question may sound ridiculous as walking on water is nothing short of a miracle. But you can actually experience something pretty close to it – with a SUP board!

A SUP board or stand-up paddle board is similar to a surfboard but is larger in scale. It combines the versatility of kayaks with the manoeuvrability of surfboards, and is often sold alongside inflatable boats, kayaks and kayak accessories online.

SUP boards can be used standing up, sitting down or even lying down. It takes a certain SUP boarding technique to really get the board going, but it really isn’t that hard to use. Apart from being easy to learn and the feeling it gives you like you’re walking on water (which, let’s face it, is reason enough!) SUP boarding is a great water activity to try for the following reasons:

1. The variety of activities you can do with it
Whether you prefer a relaxing tour on the flatwater or a riveting surfing session, you can do it all on a stand-up board. You can race, surf, tour- you could even do yoga on it! These boards are well known for their versatility. If you’re the type who enjoys an array of water activities, the SUP board can be your best friend.

2. It’s a great workout
People of all sizes, shapes and ages can enjoy and get a good workout from SUP boarding. With the right SUP boarding tips and SUP boarding techniques, you can burn as much as a thousand or more calories per hour! It can be a low or high impact full body exercise depending on the activity you choose, and the intensity you apply in terms of balance, core, strength and endurance.

3. It’s a great way to enjoy the view
One of the best SUP boarding tips you should try is to use your board in different locations. Go on a recreational tropical island tour; or paddling gently on a placid lake beside snowy mountains; or take in the majestic forest views by a river. The SUP board will not disappoint in giving you a magnificent way of viewing these places.

4. It gets you real close to nature
Apart from being the ideal vehicle for exploring the great outdoors, the SUP board can get you pretty close to some spectacular sea creatures. Just take a look at these amazing videos of some SUP boarders’ close encounters:

5. It’s a fun activity the whole family can enjoy

SUP boarding is easy and safe enough for the whole family to enjoy. Little kids can sit and enjoy the view while mum or dad paddles through the waters.

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