Trying to lose weight and stay fit can be a burden. Having to go to the gym only to sweat yourself silly is definitely not a fun activity you want to do three times a week. So why not go the beach with a stand up paddle board instead?

Stand up paddle boards or SUPs are great for working out. You have plenty of options when you use a paddle board for exercise and best of all, you can do them amidst the sunshine and the sea.

SUPs are quite easy to navigate and you can easily find them sold alongside kayaks and inflatable boats for sale . If you’re ready to get active with a SUP board, here are 4 things you can try out:


Take a Tour on a SUP Board

Touring is much like running except you’re doing it on water. It’s one continuous session of paddling a long distance at a moderate pace without stopping. This is done on flatwater, and is deceptively relaxing despite allowing you to burn 600-700 calories per hour. It’s a great after-work activity and group activity that lets you enjoy the outdoor scenery, and it doesn’t require any advanced stand up paddle board techniques.


Surf’s SUP

Surfing is one of the more challenging things you can do with a stand up paddle board, as it requires more skill to keep yourself steady atop a wave.

Ideally, SUP surfing is done on slow moving waves that are knee to shoulder high and breaking slowly in shallow water. As you progress you can always try more challenging waves, though you will need to master the basic stand up paddle board techniques first.

If you’re already an avid surfer, SUP surfing can be a great cross training and can help improve your surfing. You can expect to burn between 600-700 calories and get an intense, full-body workout with just an hour’s worth of SUP surfing.


Ready, Set, SUP!

Racing is probably the highest intensity form of exercise you can do on a SUP. It requires you to not only keep your balance while paddling your hardest, but also face certain challenges such as side breezes, cross swells and of course, your competition. But if you enjoy a challenge and are ready for it, then get ready to race. You can expect to burn as much as a thousand calories when you give it your best.


Seek Inner Peace on a SUP Board

If you prefer a more placid yet highly effective form of exercise, then SUP Yoga may be for you. SUP Yoga adds a bit more challenge to regular Yoga by testing your balance. If you already practise Yoga, then this is a great way to step up and get outdoors. With SUP Yoga you can easily burn between 400-500 calories per hour.

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Because of their size and stability, there are plenty of ways you can use a paddle board for exercise. Some have even gone ahead and created their own ‘sports’ like SUP golfing! What other fun activities can you think of doing on a SUP board? Share your ideas with us below!